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In addition to the protection a vaccine may provide, my first-aid strategy to protect my family and myself to cope with the SARS-CoV-2 virus: Intake of raw garlic in moderate-to-high volume (about 15 grams per intake twice daily) has significant protective effects whose results can be observed within 24 hours. A literature survey to support my hypothesis on applicability of raw garlic for the ongoing public health crisis is presented here. From my lived experiences since 2018, to maximize raw garlic assimilation, I rely on ingestion/infusion of Vitamin B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid and such supplements that provide rapid relief from oxidative stress, improve/regulate digestive function (especially liver and associated glands). It is important to note that high volume intake of raw garlic be limited to 2-3 consecutive days considering prolonged raw garlic intake has shown to upset the stomach/digestive tract.

MIT Solve - Health Security and Pandemic Challenge


In the interest of improving my financial condition, I place on hold this advocacy for safeguards in technology, life sicence diagnostic/forensic tests and law, the pivots of civil society which do not yet anticipate/mitigate scenarios when exposure to harmful (dependent on Spectral Power Density, transmit frequency, duration of exposure) electromagnetic fields occur.